Envision Concrete Countertops


Why Concrete?

When one thinks of traditional concrete visions of a sidewalk or driveway usually pop up. This couldn't be further from the look achieved using the Envision Concrete Countertop Kit. Concrete allows for unlimited design options in shape, color, finish, and style, from sleek & modern to warm & traditional. Concrete is also a green, eco-conscious option to petroleum based synthetic products and limited natural materials like quarried stone. Unlike granite and other stones, concrete is 100% hand crafted, no two pieces are ever the same.

Envision Concrete Countertop Kits

Everything needed to create 4sf of custom concrete countertop is in the kit, including; 2-25lb bags of Envision Concrete Countertop Mix, 8 different colors, Envision Filler, Envision Sealer, Re-enforcing Mesh, and a Polishing Pad. The Envision System takes the guess work and experimenting out of creating a custom concrete countertop by offering step-by-step instructions.

Creating your own concrete masterpiece is easier than you think. Using standard carpentry and masonry tools follow these six easy steps;
  • 1. Measure & build mold.
  • 2. Mix Envision concrete mix & color.
  • 3. Apply mix to mold.
  • 4. Finish countertop to desired look.
  • 5. Apply sealer.
  • 6. Install using standard countertop installation.

What's in the Kit

Envision Concrete Countertop Mix:
Unlike standard concrete mixes, Envisions optimized mix uses specific limestone aggregates as well as fiber reinforcement. This gives our mix incredible strengths, brighter colors, and more vivid finishes.

Envision Filler:
Specifically designed for filling veins and voids. Envision Filler is easy to work with, strong, and tintable.

Envision Color Pigments:
With 8 different colors included in the kit, the color combinations are endless.

Envision Sealer:
Incredibly stain resistant, Envision Sealer's easy wipe on application protects your countertop from stains while leaving a natural finish, free from the thick plastic look associated with some sealers.

Also includes
Reinforcing Mesh | Polishing Pad | Faucet Knock-outs


  • Shape. Starting as a liquid form, concrete will take the shape of any profile or design, from radiuses to complex angles. Unique to concrete is the integrated sink, a one piece countertop-sink combo that allows for never before seen sink designs.

  • Color. Envision Countertops allow for exciting color variations; warm earth tones or industrial grays, vibrant two-tone blends to multi-hued veined finishes.

  • Thickness. Standard countertop thickness ranges from 1"-2", with concrete rarely going thicker due to weight & expense. Envision changes conventional concrete thickness because of the incredible strength of the countertop mix. You can now add a foam core to your countertop and economically achieve lightweight concrete countertops in 3", 4", or 5" thickness'.

  • Inlay. Unlike any other countertop surface, concrete allows for personalization. You can inlay family names or company logos. Add recycled glass or tile to create a terrazzo effect. Give your countertop an organic feel by adding fossils, leaves, wood, or sea shells. Use metal like stainless steel or iron to give your countertop a dramatic finish. Inlaying a butcher block can be the perfect touch for aspiring chefs.

  • Edges. Concrete will take the shape of any edge detail, from a standard square edge to creative edges like, rounded, chiseled, bull nose, etc.

  • Finishes. The Envision System has 3 different standard finishes; Veined, Polished, and Sanded. Replicate natural stone with the veined finish. Polished countertops have a glossy, elegant finish. Sanding your Envision countertop exposes the limestone aggregate leaving your countertop with a natural organic finish. Any of these different finishes can be combined to create a unique show piece.

Not Just Countertops 

  • Countertops
  • Vanities
  • Sinks
  • Stair Treads
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Tables
  • Backsplashes
  • Window Sills
  • Tub Surrounds
  • Tiles
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • BBQ Islands
  • Planters